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Atlantis found off coast of Spain – News Round Up

Lost and Found? – Atlantis in Spain

The location of the lost city of Atlantis may finally have been discovered, according to one team of historians.

Experts from private firm Merlin Burrows say ancient ruins examined using satellite imagery provide evidence that the city’s huge harbour walls once stood in southern Spain.

The location is somewhere north of Cadiz centred around the Doñana National Park, which the historians believe was once a vast inland sea.

And they claim that south and north of the park there is further evidence of the Atlantean civilisation, with 15 other settlements dotted along the coastline.

INDITEX heiress Marta Ortega and Carlos Torretta, son of Argentinian fashion designer Roberto, have married in what has been called’ Spain’s wedding of the year’ having having announced the date less than a month ago.

The wedding took place in Marta’s family home in A Coruña, Galicia, a civil ceremony attended only by closest family and friends of the bride and groom.

A reception was held in the Ortega family’s home, with Galician chef Pepe Solla providing the catering, and later, an evening reception for 400 took place in the A Coruña yacht club hall paid for by Inditex founder and father of the bride, Amancio Ortega.

A new survey has shown that people living in Navarra or the Balearic Islands score top in the ranking of happiest Spaniards.

The Centre for Sociological Investigation put 40 questions to 3,000 people living across mainland Spain and its islands, and analyzed the feeling of satisfaction on a scale of one to ten of participants as well as discovering how many took anti-depressants.

Galicia scored the lowest in the survey, with a reputation for being windswept and rainy, and with the highest percentage of its population prescribed antidepressants, sedatives or sleeping pills.

New data suggests the real estate business in the province of Alicante is continuing to grow with figures up to September indicating the sector is having its best year since 2007.

According to the National Institute of Statistics, 3,166 homes were sold in the province in September, which represents an increase of 13.8 per cent over the same period last year.

This brings the number of homes sold to 30,610 in just nine months, an overall increase of 16.9 per cent.