CRM Manual

CRM Manual

The CRM system allows you to do the following administrative activities:

1. Add/ edit contacts according to their individual roles
2. Assign a property to a contact who has the type “Seller”
3. Assign buying criteria to a contact who has the type “Buyer”
4. Search contacts via various fields i.e. name, type, email, telephone, status, town/city, property
5. Quick search available for name searches
6. Add events to a calendar and email the relevant contact the information directly from the system
7. Match “Buyer” contacts against their criteria to the property database. Email list of selected properties directly to the “Buyer”
8. Match a property to a list of relevant “Buyers”
9. Add/Edit/Delete selection field options from the CRM System i.e. Contact roles, Buyer criteria options, Event tasks, Source of contact

The CRM System database is seperate to where you add/ edit your properties and is only linked when you manually add a property to a “Seller” contact.


Adding/ Editing a new contact

1. Go to “Contacts” “Add New”
2. Complete all relevante information
3. Required fields are name, email, number and User Name (just repeat first name and last name) and password (make it up its just to set them up in the database and is not used for now)
4. Save contact. You must see a message that says “contact successfully saved”

Viewing a contact

1. In the last column when viewing the table view of all contacts is “Action”. Select “View” and press Go
2. You can also “Edit” the contact here by selecting “Edit contact” at the top


Adding/ Editing a new event

1. Select “Add New”
2. Select relevant dates
3. Event owner would be the one setting the event
4. Select a task from dropdown
5. Add description
6. Select the contact that the event is assigned to
7. Select a property if relevant
8. Tick “Notify the contact on the day of the event” to send an automatic reminder

Buyer Matching

This is where you search for a contact and it will bring up a list of the most relevant properties.

1. Select a contact from the first dropdown
2. Filter search results if required using second dropdown
3. You can then select which properties are emailed to the contact by selecting the dropboxes
4. You can write a personal message for each property in the note box
5. The date is recorded next to each property of when you sent the email for reference

Property Matching

This is where you select an individual property and match to the relevant buyers

1. Enter a property reference number
2. Use sort by dropdown if relevant
3. In last column will be number of matching contacts