Legal Advice

Legal advice VillaluxOnce you have found your perfect property and decided to proceed with the purchase, the buying process will begin. Before you sign anything or pay any deposit you should take advice from a legal adviser. You can use either a lawyer or an asesoria/gestor.

The asesoria/gestor is your best friend and he/she will advise and assist you through every stage of the buying process by :

  • Helping you to obtain an NIE number
  • Verifying that the purchase contract is correct and covers your interests
  • Carrying out the necessary searches
  • Payment of deposits
  • Preparing all necessary documentation for the visit to the Notary
  • Accompanying you to the Notary for the signing of the title deed and translating documents for you
  • Registering the new title deed
  • Arranging for utilities to be transferred into your name

You are of course free to use the services of the lawyer or asesoria/gestor of your own choice. However, having worked with a number of legal advisers since 1997, we can recommend to you English speaking lawyers and asesorias/gestors whose services we have used and whom we have found to be efficient, reliable and highly professional. None of these people are connected to our business in any way, so if you do not have your own legal adviser, then we can confidently recommend the services of these professionals.

Once you have completed the purchase of your new home, your asesoria/gestor will then be available to:

  • Make an annual tax declaration on your behalf
  • Prepare your Spanish wills
  • Transfer car ownership and registration
  • Make an application for residency

In order to purchase a property in Spain, you need an N.I.E. number which is obtained from the local police station (Comisaría de Policia) . You will need this certificate prior to completion of your purchase, so please do leave enough time to obtain it (min 2 weeks and possibly longer during the summer months). Your asesoria/gestor can apply for this for you but you need to accompany him/her to the police station. You will need to take your passport and a copy of it. The N.I.E. number is a very important part of Spanish life and you will be asked for it time and time again.