Moving to Spain

What are the advantages/disadvantages of living in a town/village or in the countryside?

Living in a town or village can often be quite noisy and the views can be limited, but the hustle and bustle of village life and the close proximity of local shops, bars, restaurants, etc can outweigh the disadvantages.  Learning Spanish is easier living in a town or village as you have plenty of people to practice with and you will invariably find local people and shopkeepers more than willing to help you learn.

Living in the countryside can lead to a feeling of isolation and of course it is usually necessary to travel some distance for shopping, eating out, etc.  Often you will find that your neighbours are not Spanish so learning to speak Spanish can be more difficult.  However, these inconveniences are compensated for by the peace and tranquility of living in the countryside and by the views of the beautiful surrounding landscape and scenery

What are the benefits of living in a town/village for your children?

If you have children who will be entering the state schooling system you might consider living in or close to a town or village.  From personal experience, children do tend to settle more quickly and easily if they live amongst their peers and are able to become immersed in the local community.  They often find it easier to make friends and to learn Spanish more quickly than if they are living some distance from a town or village.

Bringing your pet to Spain

For up to date information on the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), see

Bringing a UK car to Spain

For comprehensive information about car importation, registration and insurance regulations see

Passports lost or stolen

If you have lost your passport or it has been stolen and you need to travel to the UK immediately, you can obtain an emergency passport, valid for a one-way trip only, from the British Consulate in Malaga.  If you have time to wait for a passport application to be processed, you can apply for a replacement passport from the British Consulate-General in Madrid either in person or by post.  For more information, visit the British Embassy website

Registration with the British Consulate

If you decide to live in Spain permanently, it is a good idea to register your presence in Spain with the British Consulate in Alicante. This means that, in case of an emergency, the Consulate has your contact details, contact details for your next of kin and also those of two other nominated persons, either family or friends.  You can register online at