Title Deeds & Ownership

Before the signing of the title deed in front of the Notary, your asesoria/gestor will carry out searches and obtain a Nota Simple. This document confirms that the seller is the registered owner of the property and that all taxes have been paid. The asesoria/gestor will also check to see whether any debts or charges exist on the property and that clear title can be obtained.

Prior to completion, all of the bills relating to the property, such as electricity, water, telephone and council tax, must be proven to have been paid up to date. These paid bills must be made available to the Notary at the time of completion.

If the property you are buying does not already have a registered title deed, this does not necessarily mean that you should not buy it. This is a situation very similar to a first registration in the UK. The property may have been in the same family for many years and now that it is being sold, the registration can be done.

Your asesoria/gestor will still carry out searches, but instead of the Nota Simple, he/she will contact the Catastro Office for a certificate relating to the property.

Completion of the purchase and obtaining the new title deed will generally take longer as your asesoria/gestor will need to gather all of the documentation relating to the property. If it is found that it is not possible to obtain the new title deed, the purchase cannot continue and your deposit will be refunded.