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Property For Sale In Javea

Everything you need to know about buying a property in Javea, Spain

Javea is a hidden gem on the Mediterranean and more and more people from all over the world find their way here. There are a lot of properties for sale in Javea and at Villalux we offer a wide range of apartments, villas, new build houses and townhouses.

Villas for sale in Javea

You can find a lot of villas in Javea, varying from old traditional fincas to new build houses. Fincas are typical Spanish houses and usually looks like a ranch on a big plot of land on the countryside. More people are interested in this type of property as the prices are usually lower and once renovated they have the perfect mix between traditional Spanish style with modern influences.

New build properties in Javea are also commonly found and gives the reel 'Ibiza feel' people are looking for. Because these types of properties are new build, they often have all the modern features you are looking for like underfloor heating, modern kitchen utensils and great insulation.

Apartments for sale in Javea

If you are looking for a property in the old town, the port or the Arenal, there is a chance that an apartment is the right pick for you. Apartments will give you the possibility to walk out of the door and being surrounded by nice restaurants and bars. We have many apartments for sale in Javea which you might want to check out!

The process of buying a property in Javea

When you decide to buy a property in Javea, you might wonder if the process will be different from what you are used to back home in the United Kingdom, the United States, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or France.

The answer on this question is yes, there are things that will be different. Because of this we found it important to give you a quick guide on what to expect when buying a property in Javea.

The way estate agents work in Javea will not be as what you are used to. In Javea, agencies tend to collaborate on deals and share out clients and/or properties. This means that agency A can have a property and agency B can have the client interested in the property. When this happens and the sale goes through, the two agencies will share the amount of commission agreed on. In our case we ask for 3% commission on the price when we have a direct lead, and 4% commission in case of a collaboration. The amount of commission is calculated within the sales price of the property.

This might sound a bit uncommon to you as you are probably used to working with one estate agent, who exclusively lists a house and finds the (potential) buyers. In Javea, however, house owners can list with as many agencies as they want. We do recommend to never list with more than 2 agencies, just to keep everything as simple as possible for as well the seller as the buyer.

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